Sambangi Madrid , Draxler : We Realistic


Aware that the pursuit of a 6-1 aggregate difficult , Schalke midfielder Julian Draxler admitted his squad will still play as much as possible . Draxler also added that his squad does not have any target to win the match .

In the first leg at home to Schalke , Madrid were able to party goals . Of course , the match at the Santiago Bernabeu later would arguably belong Madrid again .

” Playing at the Bernabeu is where all the players want to play there , ” Draxler said as quoted by the club’s official website on Tuesday ( 03/18/2014 ) berita klasemen liga linggris  .

” We are quite realistic , since a 6-1 result for us is no longer possible to pursue. Even so , we will continue to play the best game , “said Draxler .

Draxler also said that the team’s focus now is to try to look at the European level again next year .

” We are all very motivated , our desire is to get the best from us and qualify for the Champions League , ” said Draxler .

Spurs can break the Big Four

Tottenham Hotspur players react after a second goal by Benfica during their Europa League soccer match at White Hart Lane in London

Tottenham Hotspur must recognize the benefits of Arsenal in the North London derby themed game with the score 1-0 . However , the Spurs legend Gary Mabbutt Spurs praised the performance .

In fact , Mabbutt said if Spurs play consistently like time against Arsenal , he believes that Spurs can break the Premier League top four . Despite defeat , judging Mabbutt Spurs can dominate the game and could take a lesson from the defeat.

” Arsenal defended very well . Everything always try Spurs fail . Spurs did not create many chances . Clearly I ‘m sure they will work well especially to provide the best for the fans , “said Mabbutt as reported by the Talk Sport , Tuesday ( 03/18/2014 ) .

” If they maintain such performance against Arsenal until the end of the season , hopefully can go in the top four , ” said Mabbutt .

This time Spurs were in the top five , which stood at 53 different points or seven points from four , Manchester City . If the play is consistent , it is not possible to penetrate the Spurs top four .

Less popping, organizer F1 Australia GP


The existence of regulatory change on Formula One race in 2014 to be less sexy offering yet . Then, his Australian GP organizers even consider to sue the FIA ​​.

As is known, in this season of F1 engine regulations change to stop using the machine 2.4 liter V8 configuration and maximum rotation of 18,000 per minute ( rpm ) of the season. Instead there is a 1.6 -liter V6 engine with 15,000 rpm rotation .

Apparently , these changes make the engine roar out of the car I segarang previous season. Chief executive of the Grand Prix Corporation ( AGPC ) , Andrew Westacott , evaluate the matter to the track is not sexy anymore .

” One aspect of this race is because it feels a little less violent than before and it is part of the unity that should they find precisely measure , ” said Westacott reported by ESPN F1 .

The audience in attendance directly to circuit racing not even get the maximum offering . Australian GP shall be the first to feel about it, to Chairman Ron Walke AGPC directly mengadukkannya to as F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone .

” Ron talk to ( Ecclestone ) after the race and told the fans at the venue did not like it , ” he said.

Westacott assess any contract is breached by the Formula One event that occurred on the track, last March 16 . It was very hopeful that next season, the F1 cars will return noise.

“We have to pay for a product , we have a contract , we look at it very very seriously , as we evaluate possible breaches already there , ” he explained about the contract.

“Previously, it makes your bones vibrate. I believe we will have a different voice next year , ” continued Westacott who pleaded not wear earplugs sometimes be around the track .

Many Orders , Production Boosts New Peugeot 308


Peugeot to boost production of the second generation 308 . The increase in production capacity after the Peugeot brand-new hatchback get a lot of requests .

The latest generation of the Peugeot 308 will be the new ammunition PSA Peugeot Citroen , especially after the new 308 was awarded the European Car of the Year 2014. Peugeot 308 directly in high demand , and production at the Sochaux plant was added .

” Group has received 60,000 units of the new Peugeot 308 reservations , since it was first introduced in 2013 . With award European Car of the Year 2014, the Peugeot increasingly getting a lot of requests , production capacity at the plant to Sochaux must be added , “said Peugeot in a statement .

In the Sochaux factory , also producing new Peugeot 308 SW , 508 , 3008 and DS5 , as well as a five-door hatchback 308 . Currently, the Sochaux plant employs 10,800 permanent employees and 600 contract employees .

Every day the Peugeot plant to increase production capacity and 308 SW 308 180 units . Pabril total production capacity reached 1,563 units .

Epic Angry Birds ‘ Roll in Some Countries


Rovio Angry Birds games have shown the latest few weeks ago , which is titled Epic Angry Birds . Recent reports revealed that the game is launched ( soft launch ) in some countries such as New Zealand , Canada and Australia .

Reported by Ubergizmo , Tuesday ( 03/18/2014 ) , this franchise will be different from the characteristic of the previous Angry Birds games , where the user must make the bird catapult slingshot the slide to hit the green pigs . Now , offering a version of Angry Birds Epic RPG with a combat system rotation.

Reportedly , this new franchise popular game available on the iTunes App Store New Zealand and followed to the iTunes App Store in Australia and Canada . This game can be downloaded for free . Just like Angry Birds Go ! , Rovio will rely on in- app purchases to monetizing content purchased by the player .

Content in- app purchases allows players to create armor or armor , weapons and potions ( potions ) . Also available in game virtual currency to buy special items .

If you ‘ve never played Final Fantasy game series , Angry Birds Epic similar. Not only that , citing PhoneArena , Thursday ( 03/13/2014 ) , and weapons capabilities of these birds can be improved . The red bird will be a fighter , and the yellow bird would be a witch who has different abilities

Last sentence of CoPilot MH370 Turns Out


The phrase ” everything is fine , good night ” is the last sentence before the tracked aircraft Malaysia Airlines MH370 lost contact . It turns out that the full meaning of the words uttered by the co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid .

Previously , alleged that sentence out of his mouth MH370 pilot Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah . This surprising statement expressed by the CEO Malaysia Airlines Jauhari Yahya .

Not only that , Yahya also ensure that the Aircraft Communication System ( ACARS ) has been accidentally turned off . Known , the system tracked the last time at 01:07 . However , he could not be sure when to start ACARS start turned off .

Reporting from the Straits Times on Monday ( 03/17/2014 ) , a surprising fact re- emerge . It is the pilot and co-pilot of the flight was not scheduled to fly together.

Of the collected new information , search MKH370 entered a new phase . However , until now there has been no definitive information that could solve the mystery disappearance of MH370 .